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Aug 15, 2023 - Meg Foster's Rogue Robot Newsletter

Rogue Robot News

  • Writing Update

  • 1 Free Sci-Fi ebook promotion listed below

  • New Amazon book links


Writing Update

Hello Everyone,

How are you? I hope you've been having a great summer! I live in N. Idaho and we've been having fun on the lake and in the mountains. Apologies for the length of time since the last newsletter that I sent out. I've been working on a screenplay for the past year and it took up most of my time. But now I'm back writing Book 4 (called Harmonix) in the Rogue Robot book series. I plan on having it available in early December 2023. Some other that I decided to move the Rogue Robot ebooks into Kindle Unlimited (Amazon). You can still buy the paperbacks and hardcovers at the other online bookseller stores (e.g. Barnes & Noble). I thought I would try KindleUnlimited for three months - to see if more readers get a chance to find the series since a lot of folks like KU. Also - the ebooks won't be onsale through my payhip site. We will see if this helps with more folks finding Rogue Robot! Writing the Rogue Robot sci-fi book series has been a wonderful experience. And wow - has the discussion regarding AI taken off this year! Its exciting to be writing a book series about a sentient AI robot (our hero Gabe) and its adventures with the Alyssia crew! Below is a link to the latest free science fiction ebook promo through StoryOrigin which is where you can find some fun free sci-fi ebooks - my ebook novella to the Rogue Robot series is in the free promo - it's called "Robots Don't Cry" so please check it out. Also below are the links to the Rogue Robot ebooks (Rogue, Cybs and Justice) on Amazon and paperbacks on Barnes & Noble. I want to thank you for reading the Rogue Robot books and I truly appreciate the time and expense you take to read the books. Fans of the book series have been very generous and I appreciate you all. Cheers, -Meg



Listed below is a free sci-fi ebook promo featuring fellow science fiction authors. My prequel novella ebook to the Rogue Robot series is called "Robots Don't Cry" and it's in this promo - so if you haven't downloaded it yet - you can go ahead and grab that too! StoryOrigin Free Sci-Fi eBooks Promo Link: Now until Sept 16th: Hit Link or the Pic below for free ebooks:


Rogue (Book 1 Rogue Robot Book Series) Description

For those that are new to the Rogue Robot series - below is the description of the first book in the series called Rogue.

Can one sentient robot win the battle against an evil empire? The children were special…

…and that made them a threat.

Would one robot be able to keep them safe?

Alex is the oldest, he’s 17. Honora is 15 and her sister Talia is 12. They all have ancient powers, and the galactic empire knows they’re a threat. Some believe they could turn the tide for the rebels who fight for freedom. There’s just one problem…

…they must get to the planet Zaradorba.

Aboard the ship Alyssia, they’ve got range and some fighting muscle, but it won’t be easy. Their hunters have unlimited resources. Can Gabe, the AI robot built to deliver them safely, find the help they need?

They’ve got a long way to go.

Can the children’s powers help?

Will they learn to use them in time?

You’ll love the characters in this sci-fi robot adventure story, because everyone likes a rebel, an underdog, and a rogue robot with heart fighting against evil.

This book series should be read in order for best enjoyment.

Rogue Robot Series - Reading Order:

Robots Don't Cry (prequel novella e-book)* Rogue (Book 1) Cybs (Book 2) Justice (Book 3) Harmonix (Book 4) - coming in Dec 2023 Trinity (Book 5) - coming in Feb 2024 Coda (Book 6) - coming in April 2024

*Only available in ebook promos and at:


Book Links

Amazon Links for KU and also paperback links for Barnes & Noble are below.

Below are links to the ebooks on Amazon/KindleUnlimited:

Rogue (Book 1):

Justice (Book 3):

You can also still by the paperback and hardcover versions on Barnes & Noble:

Thank you for reading!


For questions:

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