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June 2024

Rogue Robot Series - Book 6:  CODA

The weapon was invincible…

…and it would give the Heragi Empire control.

Will Gabe sacrifice everything to stop them?

After the rescue mission, Gabe and the team barely got Jebediah out alive. His injuries were severe.  They patched him up as best they could and then he told them what he had learned. The news was dire.

The Zephon Galaxy was doomed.

The harmonic weapon called CODA was about to be unleashed.

Aboard the Alyssia, Gabe and the team considered their plight, it didn’t seem there was any way to stop it. Anjori had an idea, but they would need to make an ally. It wouldn’t be easy.

They would have to cross deep space…

…and into another dimension.

Would the Tynnauts even see them?

You’ll love this final installment of this sci-fi robot adventure story because everyone adores an epic showdown.

This series should be read in order for best enjoyment.

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